Metering Services

Petro Trust is the exclusive agent of Cameron Measurement Systems. Our Measurement Services includes:

Supply & Installation

PetroTrust is specilised in the supply and installation of oil and gas metering systems including:

  • Metering Systems
    • Oil and Gas Metering Skids
    • Positive Displacement Meters and Accessories
    • Orifice Plate Meters and Accessories
    • Liquid and Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    • Liquid and Gas Trubine Meters
    • Liquid and Gas Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
  • Flow Computer Systems
    • Metering Panels
    • Flowcomputers S600+, Omni 3000/6000 and FlowX
    • Metering Supervisory Computers MCS
  • Meter Provers
    • Pipe Provers
    • Small Volume (Compact Provers
    • Master Meters
  • Sampling System
    • Fast-Loop Sampling Systems
    • Gas Analysers
    • Density Meters
    • Water in Oil Monitors

Metering Consultancy

Metering systems must meet standards laid down by regulatory authorities, pipeline operator and processing plant operators. Our specialist expertise allows us to support you through all stages of a metering project, from feasibility to acceptance, and ensures that all the statutory and contractual obligations are met on new or modified metering systems.

Independent 3rd Party Verification & Certification 

PetroTrust provide 3rd Party metering systems verification & certification services including; calibration & maintenance procedures, calibration test sheets, operation procedures, primary & secondary instrumentation calibration services & supply of certified test equipment.  


As the amount of third party involvement in oil and gas fields, platforms, pipelines and onshore processing facilities increases, there is a growing need for independent audits of client and third party metering facilities. PetroTrust supports you by assisting your site personnel during audit visits, audits of third party interests and internal audits of your own metering facilities.


There is a statutory requirement for all operators to produce documentation covering their fiscal metering systems. Our documentation makes submission easy, drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we understand what is required to deliver high quality, comprehensive reports that meet your needs.


Clients concerned with their financial exposure need to determine the feasibility of a proposed development, usually with a number of operational scenarios. We frequently undertake a study on behalf of the clients to justify a course of action internally and in presenting a case to field and pipeline partners, and regulatory authorities.


PetroTrust can provide a service that covers projects from the initial concept to commissioning and handover of metering systems. By getting involved at the conceptual stage we can provide practical and cost effective solutions that will enable you to achieve all operational expectations and adhere to the strict statutory requirements.