About Us

When Accuracy Matters

PetroTrust is an exclusive agent of Cameron Measurement Systems & Beamex Ltd Calibration Services.

PetroTrust offers a range of Hydrocarbon Measurement Services from Conceptual Design through to Operation, Lifecycle Support and Training.

Our relationship with world leaders in the manufacturing and service suppliers of the Oil and Gas industry enables us to gain knowledge and expertise trusted by our clients.

PetroTrust specialise in the design and supply, installation & commissioning  of:

  • Calibration Equipment and Services
    • Pressure 
    • Temperature
    • Flow Meters
    • Electrical Signals
  • Process Instrumentation and Control
    • Pressure Measurement and Control
    • Temperature Measurement and Control
    • Level Measurement and Control
    • Flow Measurement and Control
  • Custody Transfer Metering Systems "Liquid and Gas"
    • Metering Skids
    • Flow Meters (Liquid and Gas)
    • Flow Computers
    • Meter Provers
    • Sampling Systems
    • Gas Analysers
    • Tank Gauging Systems
  • Automation Systems
    • SCADA
    • DCS
    • PLC
    • Data Loggers